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About Dhansar

Dhansar is an imperative resource for searching, purchasing, and downloading creative images, videos, and music. Thousands of leading brands across the globe have been using our content for their advertising, marketing, and publishing needs.

Dhansar is a creative library that consists of Photos, Videos, and Music from Nepal. Dhansar provides an opportunity for creators to showcase their work out to the world and earn. Dhansar also supports corporates and businesses with quality content with proper rights which is going to be used in their projects.


What do we offer?

1. Largest Gallery of Photos, Videos, and Music from Nepal
2. Premium Quality Photos, Videos, and Music
3. Royalty-free contents for your business

What's there for Content Creator?

1. Managed Portfolio
2. National & International Exposure
3. Handsome Income
4. Reason to become more creative


What's there for the Customer?

1. Royalty-free contents
2. Quality Content
3. Pools of resources to choose from
4. Fast and easy work execution



Stucked with your project, We have got you covered up! We have a large pool of options for you to choose from,

  • Animals                                                                       
  • Architecture
  • Backgrounds / Textures                                               
  • Business / Finance
  • Computer / Communication                                         
  • Culture
  • Education                                                                     
  • Emotions
  • Fashion                                                                       
  • Festivals
  • Foods & Drinks                                                           
  • Health / Medical
  • Industry / Craft                                                             
  • Music
  • Nature / Landscapes                                                   
  • People
  • Places                                                                         
  • Religion
  • Science / Technology                                                 
  • Sports
  • Tradition                                                                     
  • Transportation / Cars
  • Travel                                                                         
  •  Wellness