Stock Photography and demand of stock photos in Nepal

Stock photography | Demands of Stock Photos in Nepal

Stock Photography is consumer-oriented photography. Which is a business where the photographers intend to store the license and need-specific photos for future use. To put it into simpler words, usually; stock photography is an online source of images available for people and companies to download and use.

People including bloggers, designers, digital content creators, and many project development officers use stock photos. Because they are not exactly photographers but have to work with professional-grade photographs.

Stock photography is a good business for people; who want to use it for free or buy photographs online for a range of purposes. This is beneficial for both photographers and content consumers; as they both meet each other in a stock photography market.

Stock Photography is totally dependent on stock photos. And stock photos gain usefulness only after they are out on a display in any stock photography site. These two are the same aspect of a single idea of putting your stock photograph to use.

Demands of stock photo in Nepal

Nepal is now a growing online market for various consumer goods to services. Many international organizations have started eying Nepal as their business hub. The demand for stock photography is at an absolute peak now. We can point out a few agencies that work especially with stock photos. But I believe there isn’t a single organization that; doesn’t need stock photography at some point of time in their career.

Marketing Agency

A marketing agency has to pay a hefty sum to the models, photographers, concept directors, and for the setting setup. If they want to get genuine content, right? So, instead of hiring models, working on concepts, and spending a fat cheque over a campaign; they prefer looking into a stock photography site first.

Sometimes your needs are meet only using royalty-free photographs. And sometimes you can buy one out from the paid columns. That way, you get a genuine, authorized photograph that you can use in your campaigns. So, stock photography sites make any marketing agency resourceful.

Blog Writer Needs Photos

Usually, policy guidelines, fair usage, and content theft can affect the performance of your blog. Meaning, your blogs will not only need genuine written content but; also need genuine infographic content to get your page rank high. Images are as important as words as they demonstrate your point graphically as well.

So, a genuine photograph is super necessary for every blogging writer out there. A blog with these photos increases the reliability of your content; lowers the risk of being struck by search engines. These photos also make the content more attractive. But, these bloggers usually don’t use the paid pictures and mostly use royalty-free images more often.

There are Different Media Company

Media houses are various advertisers who take the sole responsibility of publicizing your product or company both online, and offline. These media houses print, publish and also use publications and newspapers to advertise the products. 

Hence, these advertisement agencies need stock photos. As the photos available on a stock photography site are of very high quality; and they offer full manipulation authority to the users. Hence these photographs are often used by advertisement agencies for advertising purposes.

Content Creator Needs Photos

Content creators mean people who create written, visual or printed content for the readers. These creators often need either evidence or representation photographs for the content they are creating. They can be either videos, audio, written to printed media creators. These content creators often use stock photos on their content. 

There aren’t many stock photography sites in Nepal. As the country started recognizing the need for stock photography; more recently Nepal now has a few of these stock photography sites successfully running their operations. So, let’s take a look at a few stock photograph sites available in Nepal, right here.

Neptos is a stock photography website that serves as a platform and a supplier of high-quality digital images. Neptos is one of Nepal’s first stock photography websites. This is a meeting place for creative and imaginative photographers, as well as potential buyers.

Dhansar is also a stock photography site, which is useful for purchasing and downloading unique images, videos, and music. It works as a creative library of Nepalese photos, videos, and music. Dhansar allows creators to earn money while showcasing their work to the world. It also provides quality content with proper rights to corporations and businesses for use in their projects.

Photo Nepal

Photo Nepal is also a stock photography site that mostly flaunts travel photos in their site. This page claims to promote photographers capturing the raw picture of Nepal with the use of #photoNepal. The hashtag is pretty famous on Instagram as well.

For Photographers

A professional photographer is usually a person who does photography for a living. With the increase in the use of the internet, stock photography is slowly becoming a thing in Nepal. Various advertising agencies, content creators, and bloggers long for good-quality photos.

So, as a stock photographer, you can generate money from your passion, monetize your efforts online and also fulfill the ever-growing demand of the market. Because if you will not supply these photographs, someone else will.

Why should you upload your photos on these sites for free?

If you think carefully, Stock photography is a perfect way to make money online. It’s a side income and as a webpage can be browsed all over the globe, everyone should upload their photographs online. So, let’s take a look at a few bullet points describing why should you upload your photos online, shall we?

Earn Impression

If you upload your photos online, you will surely get exposure and as people will see your work, it’s sure you will gain more of an impression online. The more people visit your work the more it gets an impression on your local search engines. The site’s algorithms might also show your photo at the beginning of the segment based on the impression. The more impression you earn the more exposure you get. Hence, any good photo that you click on should always be shared on a stock photography site; if it’s not part of any official photoshoot.

Reach People

It’s another obvious reason for uploading your work in a stock photography site. If you upload your works now and then, the people who follow these sites will start to notice your work. So, whenever they need to download a stock photo or need to buy any of these stock photos, they will certainly buy from your segments. Likewise, if they need any physician assistants or photography-related work, they might hire you physically, if you are available.

Build Your Existence in Digital World

The digital world is an ever-growing web of content. As per google, 1.8 billion digital images are uploaded on the internet every single day. So, if you don’t upload your works online, your works will fail to get the amount of exposure and reach that you can potentially get. So, it is vital to building your existence in the digital world. This can be done only by uploading your work on various platforms, developing hashtags for your work, and creating admirable digital work regularly. If your work is admirable, it will not only be viewed and valued by the users. It also helps you to build your presence in the photography industry.

Grow Your Skills

Sharing your skill is also a way to challenge yourself to develop another good quality conceptual photograph. A little appreciation goes a long way on the internet and with it grows people’s expectations from your work. So, if you don’t sharpen your skills as per the changing world of creators, you will surely fall behind. Likewise, you can take inspiration from your fellow photographers who upload his/her content on these platforms which will again help you in broadening your understanding and helping to grow your skills.

Fulfill the Demand

Yes, there are a million products that first need to create demand but as a photographer, you should know that the demand for a good photograph never dies, right? As talked about earlier, various agencies, advertisers, content creators, and developers look into these stock photography sites to extract a good quality photograph that they require for their purpose. There are numerous sites, and numerous people working in these sites to fulfill the needs. So. isn’t it better to Make hay while the sun shines?

Though Nepal is a scenic nation with various panoramic mountains, wild animals, and beautiful scenery, there are very few stock photos of Nepal and its places available online. This remains one of the many reasons that Nepal isn’t currently as famous as other holiday locations. Sometimes, people have no other option than to spend big bucks on photography because there are not too many conceptual photos in Nepal that a creator can use to exactly meet his needs, right?

However, we also have some good international sites such as Pixabay, Unsplash, and Pexels which have plenty of Stock Photographs about Nepal. So let’s know about these international websites delivering Stock Photos about Nepal, right here.


Pixabay is a Stock Photography site successfully run by a German company. It uploads free as well as chargeable stock photos needed by various other creator’s communities. The site is very popular and is located in Berliner Freiheit 2. Hans Braxmeier and Simon Steinberger founded the site in November 2010 in Ulm, Germany. Canva, an Australian design and publishing platform, purchased Pixabay in November 2018. This is a world-famous stock photography site and has various Images of Nepal and Nepalese communities.


Unsplash is another world-known stock photography site that is successfully running its operations from Canada. It is one of the pioneers of copyright-free stock photography sites. Unsplash was created in 2013 by Montreal-based entrepreneur Mikael Cho.


It’s another international Stock photography site where free images from various photography communities are uploaded. Pexels was founded in Fuldabrück, Hesse, by twin brothers Ingo and Bruno Joseph. The brothers launched the platform in 2014 with around 800 photos. Later, Pexels was purchased by Canva, a graphic design platform, in 2018. This is another German site that delivers as many high-quality free stock photos as possible to the creatives; who use their website.

So, as long as there is the internet, the needs and demand for stock photography will always be high. And there will always be the need for consumer-oriented photographs for advertisers, creators, and marketers. This is why you should always upload your works to stock photography sites.

Some of you might also be interested in creating video content. And for that, you should also look out for stock video sites where you can freely download royalty-free videos; to make your content look more attractive.

I hope this article gave an insight on stock photography in Nepal and why should we promote them; for more interesting reads, keep up with us

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