Reasons to become a nature photographer

6 Reasons to Become a Nature Photographer

Nature Photography

Nature photography is the process of photographing wildlife and the natural environment in its original state. The goal of nature photography is to capture the magnificent natural environments and the creatures that inhabit them. It takes a great understanding of various factors; for wildlife or nature photographers to capture these moments the way they intend.

Any Nature Photographer will take photographs of flora and fauna and wild animals in their natural habitats. I personally consider natural photography as the best medium to share a natural environment. It brings people living horizons apart and lets; people know the beauty of a certain place without physically visiting that place. So, today we are discussing several reasons for you to become a natural Photographer; if you are actually into professional photography. There can be a million reasons but here we have enlisted six reasons to pick up Nature Photography for you:

An ever-changing Subject

The world has changed so much since we walked out of the caves and moved to the concrete jungle. But the happiness of being in the natural environment is beyond explanation. As a student of photography, I can claim the happiest; I have ever been when I stroll through the woods to get to some mountain top. On every nature photography trip; I get so greedy that I often think that I will keep these photographs to myself. 

There are different subjects that a photographer can take on. But a nature photographer can use the whole wide world as his/her set. Nature itself changes color every morning, every day and night giving variable settings for your click. Likewise, running out of subjects is not practical for a nature photographer either. There’s always a new place and a new story to click on.

The pictures always share positive vibes and you will always have a new story in every single click you share. Likewise, when you are waiting quietly to click on any animal or bird; you also get to see other phenomenal natural acts in solemnness. And that’s when the magic of self-realization happens.

Even the subjects change their form now and then, right? In a split second, the light and animal behavior comes into action; and in the next split second the phenomenon is already in the past. Hence, you get to be part of an ever-changing subject and the environment when you pursue nature photography.

Be at one with nature

A good nature photographer should know where they can get quality clicks of the natural environment or animals they want to capture. Well, taking a cell phone camera to a zoo isn’t necessarily a proper procedure for becoming a nature photographer. Even when you go to Antarctica or in any other arctic environment, without proper training and patience you will not be able to capture an artistic and informative photograph that you long to shoot. It will be a waste of your valuable time. 

Hence, to take a proper shot, you should get a proper idea about your project and get all of your game plans straight about the essence of the photograph you will take. When you are in solitude, walking along some beaten trails with your camera, you will definitely get a chance to relate to the environment and be one with nature as there will be no one else but you, your gear, and the solemn nature to connect to.

It’s easily accessible

You don’t need to be able to catch the next flight and fly away to some distant land to capture nature. Mother nature has a wide splendor in all corners of the world. So, you can get to the nearest national parks, or sanctuaries around your area and begin your nature photography journey. If you learn how to look, you will find the flavors of Nature Photography even where you are right now. Try giving a small child a camera and tell them to capture living things around your house, and you will be surprised how they can come up with lizards, flowers, spiders, squirrels, and bugs. Though this isn’t necessarily professional nature photography, this act helps you open your eyes to the endless possibilities any place has to offer, right?

So, if you think nature photography is difficult, expensive, and inaccessible to the general public, think again.

It’s relaxing

As a nature photographer, you get a chance to get out into the wilderness and behold the beauty that mother nature holds first hand. Though your purpose is to bring the snaps back, share them with the world. There’s nothing more relaxing than just being there and witnessing it firsthand. Even when you are a contracted nature photographer and have deadlines to meet, weather forecast going wrong, missing the spot on sunrise times, and sunsets or tide tables showing error-filled data; Into the woods, you will possibly forget everything for a while and sock in the revive of the place you are at, in that very moment. In this profession there’s no real stress, if you start your trip early, you will always have another day to capture the natural phenomenon if things don’t come together the first day.

Everyone loves nature

It’s no surprise that our animalistic instinct kicks in when we are traveling to the wilderness, and that’s why our happy hormones kick in and we start getting good feelings. No matter how difficult a person you might be, I haven’t seen natural phoebe in my life. When you get back home you will bring some incredible fireplace stories to tell your friends and family as well. So, have you ever thought, why do they gather around and listen to every big and small story you share? Has it ever hit you that everyone loves nature? 

Not everyone gets the chance to travel to various places and witness nature firsthand, some of us are nature lovers who aren’t able to get there due to some personal reasons. But when you bring a beautiful picture of that place, you will be bringing the beauty and charm of that nature along with you, and sharing it with them means you are sharing the love you brought along with you with people who admire it much as you do.

Raising the profile of the environment

On top of enjoying every perk of being a nature photographer, you also bring awareness towards issues such as the extinction of certain species, melting of ice, deforestation, and many other vital issues which will bring about necessary attention to preserving the most loved natural environment, which means you’d be giving back to nature as well and raising awareness about preserving the beauty of nature too.

It’s a really humble cause because you’d be having fun, earning money, and raising the environment’s profile for comparison, analysis, and preservation of the place as well.

There are numerous other reasons like self-satisfaction, Incredible memories, Accepting industry, personal preferences, and the list goes on! But, these above-mentioned points somehow incorporate all basic reasons to pick nature photography professionally. Hope this article inspires you to go on a nature photography trip and bring back some of the most inspirational photos along with you. Likewise, if you are already into nature photography and have photos that you want to share with the world, you are a day too early to start monetizing your photographs with Dhansar and for more interesting reads, you can always keep up with us, as we are the only stock-photography site in Nepal.

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